support a balanced emotional state and promote physical wellbeing.

Yoga in healthcare & the community

It is now widely accepted that physical and mental wellbeing are interdependent. Yoga is a mind and body practice with historical origins in ancient Indian philosophy, which like other meditative movement practices can be applied for healthcare purposes.  A regular yoga practice can provide people of all ages with tools that will help them to manage their mental and physical wellbeing through a series of physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

RB Yoga offers trauma-sensitive yoga through 1-1, small group or group classes. Yoga encourages good posture; a good posture can enhance breathing, support a balanced emotional state and promote physical wellbeing.



Yoga can be ideal within many Healthcare or community establishments as part of a wellbeing package for staff or could be used to support mental health or physical recuperation programmes. Providing a regular yoga class could help combat stress, provide coping strategies for managing pain, help anxiety related illness, and also increase general activity and mobility.


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Yoga is an easy way to be introduced to the art of breathing whilst moving. Becky maintains her awareness of each individual’s capability whilst keeping the class going, a great skill she has. My body feels looser and my breathing has improved and I look forward to participating. 


Steve Horbaczewski  - The Wellbeing High St, Healthbox CIC'

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