Yoga in the workplace

Our modern working practices are out of sync with our bodies needs.  The lack of movement, the levels of stress, the lack of fresh air all have an impact on our wellbeing. When we are not well we cannot function optimally and sickness rates increase.   

RB Yoga offers 1-1, small group and group classes that you can introduce in the workplace.


The yoga sessions teach participants ways to manage stress and anxiety through breathing and movement. The classes develop better posture to support a healthy body and healthy breathing practices.



Yoga can be ideal within any business and can be offered to senior staff on a 1-1 basis, or to groups, to provide a regular physical and mental workout. Attending a regular yoga class can help combat stress, reduce general illness and improve focus - three features vital to success in business.


If you would like more information about how Yoga can improve your companies bottom line, then please get in touch today


I first met Becky last September when she started a yoga class at the countess of Chester hospital for the staff. She is a brilliant teacher and puts us through our paces each week ! I have improved my strength and flexibility over the year and was glad to be part of her 3hour yoga workshop recently , raising money for the Chester swimming club. Thanks Becky . Xx 


—  Alison Satchwell, Staff at Countess of Chester Hospital

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