• The Yoga Practice –  A bespoke class developed for the needs of the audience; a challenging, focused class to improve posture, mental and physical wellbeing and optimise potential; physical asana (the poses) may flow from pose to pose or be seated in a chair; incorporating breath awareness and breathing practices; appropriate visualisation and relaxation practices; a focus on non-judgement, ahimsa (non-harming), and acceptance of self and others.  Yoga games generally included for young people.

  • Class Sizes - Class sizes can vary from 1-1, small groups of 5-10, up to full-size classes of 30 students; the optimum class size is dependant on the aim and nature of the class, and the needs and ages of the individuals. For further information or to discuss please contact me.

  • Yoga Equipment - I do have equipment (mats, blocks, belts), but transporting enough mats to meet the needs of the class is difficult, so I always ask for these to be provided where possible. 

  • When to Eat – Try not to eat a big meal up to 2 hours before yoga, but a small snack or meal to maintain blood sugar levels is fine.

  • What to wear – bare feet, comfortable and non-restrictive clothing (tight enough around hips/bottom to preserve modesty when we turn upside down!)  In schools, school uniform or PE kit is fine with an option to put shorts under skirts for girls.

  • Tailored Class Costs - Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

  • Invoicing - I invoice at the end of each month/term to be paid within 30 days. 

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