I started practicing yoga on and off about 20 years ago, and immediately realised the benefits (at the time I sat at a computer for 10-12 hours a day).  It is only when I decided to study yoga properly, that I truly understood how yoga can help anyone, regardless of age or background, to improve their physical and mental health.  


I now have the pleasure of offering yoga to others to improve their health, wellbeing and to feel great!  I am passionate about continuing this work, particularly helping those who suffer the most.  

My journey has led me to work with great companies such as Quay to Well-Being (Q2W)- a co-produced company, based in North Wales - offering a holistic approach to improved health and well-being, specialising in improving the lives of those who have suffered the impact of social adversity, trauma (including Adverse Childhood Events (ACE’S)and PTSD), and persisting physical symptoms (including fibromyalgia); and Healthbox CIC - a community interest company based in Chester - providing health and well-being to all aspects of the community, including in schools.


I love the way Becky makes the sessions so accessible to everyone. All of the poses and exercises are not only scaled to my own abilities but also my needs and I've felt such a big improvement in my mobility in day to day to day life, but also in my sporting performance. I've enjoyed every session so far and really noticed a greater understanding of my body's needs.


—  Simon Cushman

I continue to learn, read and practice yoga daily, and my knowledge of how yoga can support every individual is always growing.  My interest in yoga focuses on freeing the body and mind to reach its optimum state, rather than on the philosophy of traditional yoga. I do not want to be tied down to one organisation or yoga lineage, so I explore the work of great teachers: young, old, and deceased, including those of bodywork, freestyle movement, yoga for different ages, trauma sensitive yoga and the science behind mind & body connection.  My exploration so far has highlighted the use of gravity, breath, and self-awareness as the most important tools we each have to awaken the spine, release trauma and stress, and find freedom in the body and mind. 


I continue to explore daily and learn from self-practice, books, the web, other professionals both medical and holistic, and professional development workshops. My classes are creative, always developing, and reflective of my learning’s each and every day.

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