most people have no idea how good their body is supposed to feel

Yoga improveS Your mental and physical health

Hi, I'm Becky and I've enjoyed teaching yoga classes to people aged 4-94.  I believe Yoga has many benefits to offer, no matter what your age, background or current fitness level.  I'm currently taking a break from my teaching schedule, but am happy to discuss any queries you may have.  Please get in touch 


Becky has been delivering her Yoga class with the University of Chester for 2 years now and has brought her professionalism to every class, it started as a once a week class with low numbers, now she is delivering it twice a week to consistent clients, who are always giving us positive feedback. I can personally say from attending the classes that Becky is a great instructor and is always there to help and make you feel comfortable. 

—  Simon Little, Chester University